Week 1 re-cap

It’s my first week back to workouts post baby #2. I feel like a wimp. I feel like my uterous may rip open. And I am TIRED!¬† There is nothing easy about hitting those first workouts post baby.

I had my check up last week with the dr and he released me to workout. I’m 6 weeks post partum this week. My boobs have been heavier than ever as I’ve kept up with Tony¬† (nursing momma status right here!) and I’ve gotten to drown out the DVD with sweet baby cries wanting to be held. Aaaaah.

But it’s done. I love that feeling of sweat. One of my favorite parts this week is watching my 5 year old beg to try the video. He loved jumping around and I loved watching him so happy. You never know whose eyes are watching!


Pre-baby, Very Prego w/Baby #2, Post baby.

This momma is ready to be back to the first photo! Muscles, muscles, muscles!

Pre-baby, Very Prego w/Baby #2, Post baby.